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The Scoring Method: Unlocking Your Golfing Potential

Understand how to use The Scoring Method to lower your scores and help you not only with course management but practice planning as well. You get access to the full video course, coaching in the private Facebook group, virtual scorecards, and resource documents.


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So What's Included?

  • Learn the strategy you need around the golf course to shoot lower scores with the game you have.
  • Simple practice concepts to help you get 10x the effectiveness about the limited time you can practice.
  • 30+ videos walking you through everything you need to know to succeed with the scoring method.
  • Scoring Method scorecards and purposeful practice plan to print out and use.
  • Our success guide and checklist to make sure you understand everything to be successful with the method.
  • Access to the Scoring Method community to see what others are doing and get your questions answered.


"I came to the program a month ago and was shooting in the mid to high 90s and yesterday I shot an 81. The most helpful thing was learning how to break the game down into two parts. Entering the Scoring Zone and getting Down in the Scoring Zone."

“The aha moment came to me in the transferal of the scoring data to the practice card and the subsequent system you recommend for practice AND philosophy on improving your game. I have NEVER encountered that approach before and I think you are spot on. BRILLIANT." -Chris

“I bought the Scoring Method this past Monday. After going through the videos, I took the scorecard to our Tuesday night league and figured I’d give it a shot. Well, shot the best 9 hole round of my life….36 with 9 pars! I’ve been stuck in the 42-47 range all year. Great stuff and I’m looking forward to learning even more.” - Todd